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Here you will find the main features of Flash Sniper Bot and in depth explanation, please scroll down to find out more. 

Automated trading tool function used in the cryptocurrency markets, particularly in decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. Its primary function is to identify and take advantage of lucrative arbitrage or price discrepancy opportunities in the mempool, which is a temporary holding area for unconfirmed transactions waiting to be included in a block on the blockchain.


The bot continuously scans the mempool, tracking pending transactions such as token swaps, liquidity provision, and removal events on decentralized exchanges (DEXes) and other DeFi platforms.


Analyze opportunities: Once the bot detects a potentially profitable transaction, it analyzes the opportunity, calculating the potential profit and associated risks. This often involves comparing the token prices on different DEXes, taking into account trading fees, slippage, and network gas fees.


Front-run transactions: If the bot identifies a profitable opportunity, it will attempt to "front-run" the original transaction by submitting its own transaction with a higher gas fee. This increases the likelihood of the bot's transaction being processed and confirmed by miners before the original transaction, allowing the bot to capitalize on the price discrepancy.


Execute the trade: If the bot's transaction is confirmed first, it will execute the arbitrage or trading strategy, making a profit from the price discrepancy.


Exit the position: After the trade is complete, the bot will typically convert the profits back to a stable asset, such as a stablecoin or a widely-used cryptocurrency like Ethereum or Bitcoin, to minimize the risk of price volatility.

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AI Tracking

"AI Tracking" is an advanced feature that uses artificial intelligence to monitor the crypto market in real-time. It identifies promising trades, detects potential risks, and offers predictive insights based on market patterns. It also helps safeguard your investments by alerting you to potential 'rug pulls' or scams. Think of AI Tracking as your smart, vigilant market ally, optimizing your trading decisions in the dynamic world of DeFi.

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AI Adaptive

"AI Adaptive" is a feature that enhances your sniping and front-running strategies. It uses artificial intelligence to adjust your trades based on market dynamics. For sniping, it modifies speed and timing to capitalize on new coins. In front-running, it alters transaction sequences based on network conditions. By learning and evolving with the market, AI Adaptive ensures your bot remains agile and efficient in the fast-paced crypto world.

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Shield Guardian

"Shield Guardian" is a holistic security feature that consolidates anti-rug, honeypot detection, block tax detection, anti-MEV, and anti-bot capabilities. It safeguards your investments by detecting potential scams, hidden fees, and miner exploitation. It also shields your trades from malicious bot activities. Think of Shield Guardian as your comprehensive protective gear, ensuring safer navigation through the crypto market's volatile landscape.

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The "Arbitrage Function" in our bot excels at capitalizing on price differences across various networks. It swiftly identifies these opportunities, purchases the coin at a lower price on one exchange, and simultaneously sells it for a higher price on another. Factoring in transaction costs, our bot ensures the potential profit outweighs any fees. With its speed and precision, our Arbitrage Function is your efficient tool for seizing swift profit opportunities in the crypto market.

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AI Scanner

The "Scanner" feature is an AI-powered and It works by continuously scanning your chosen network, identifying new coins as they are being launched. Unlike manual scanning, our AI-powered Scanner doesn't just detect new coins—it assesses them. It employs advanced AI algorithms to analyze various parameters such as liquidity, transaction volume, and contract details, helping you gauge the potential and risks of newly launched coins.


By offering real-time updates on new coin launches coupled with AI-driven assessments, the Scanner feature ensures you never miss out on promising opportunities while staying alert to potential pitfalls. It's like having a personal crypto market researcher, working tirelessly to keep you informed and ready to act.

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Stop Loss & Trail

"Stop Loss" is a trading feature designed to limit an investor's loss on a position. When a particular asset's price drops to a specified level, the stop loss order is triggered and the asset is automatically sold, thereby preventing further loss.

"Trail Sell/Buy", also known as a trailing stop order, is a more dynamic version of a stop loss order. Instead of setting a fixed price at which the asset is sold or bought, a trailing stop order sets the stop price at a fixed amount or percentage away from the market price. This amount (or 'trailing stop') moves with the market price, but only in the direction of the trade. This allows for the potential to capture more profit if the price continues to move favorably, while still providing downside protection if the price changes direction.

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