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Connecting Dots

Snipe Mode: Sniping is a strategy where a bot automatically buys a token the instant liquidity is added to a pool. This allows traders to secure positions in a new coin immediately upon its launch, often before other buyers can manually place their orders. The goal is to capitalize on early entry advantages, potentially leading to higher profits as the token's price rises.

Front-Run Mode: Front running, in the context of crypto, is the strategy of gaining knowledge of a pending transaction and then placing your own transaction ahead of it. This is achieved by offering a higher gas fee, ensuring that your transaction is processed first. By preemptively acting on this information, a front runner can gain a price advantage, buying or selling assets before broader market reactions to the pending transaction occur.

Copy Trade: Copy trading is a feature where traders can automatically replicate the actions of a seasoned and successful trader in real-time. When the expert trader initiates a trade, the copy trading system mirrors the same trade in the accounts of the followers in proportion to their allocated funds. Essentially, it allows less experienced traders to benefit from the insights and strategies of more experienced ones without having to actively manage their own trades.


MEV: MEV is an advanced function designed to navigate the complexities of Miner Extractable Value (MEV). This operation identifies and capitalizes on opportunities arising from transaction reordering, insertion, and other on-chain strategies that miners might employ. Instead of being a victim of MEV tactics, the MEV turns the tables, allowing users to benefit from these situations. By intelligently positioning transactions in a favorable position within a block, the bot optimizes trade execution and increases the chances of profitable outcomes in the volatile crypto trading landscape.

Sub-Features Explanation

Setup Guide for Best Results

Activate AI Tracking: Let the bot delve into contracts before initiating trades, providing real-time insights and potential profit calculation


Turn on Guardian Shield: This is your protective layer against various market pitfalls:

Honeypot Detection: Avoid deceptive liquidity pools that might trap your assets.

Advanced Anti-Rug: Stay alert for suspicious token activities, hidden wallets, and potential threats.

Block Check: Ensure your transactions flow smoothly without unexpected hitches.

Tax Check: Get clarity on token-specific taxes or additional fees that might apply.


Enable Maximum Buy: Simplify your trading strategy. By enabling this, you allow the bot to intelligently determine the ideal buy-in amount based on the type of coin you trying to Snipe. It's a hands-off approach to maximize gains.


Target Profit Range: Set your sights between x2 to x7. This positions your trades to benefit from potential upward swings while the bot constantly monitors the market to hit these targets.


Engage Multi-Wallet Functionality: For diversified trading, start by linking up to three separate wallets. This spreads your strategies across different avenues, optimizing chances of success.


Ease Into Expansion: Begin with the settings mentioned above, especially limiting to three wallets. As you familiarize yourself with the bot's operations and feel more confident, consider scaling up gradually.


Remember, the Lite tier of Flash Bot is designed for simplicity yet powerful outcomes. Trust the process, monitor regularly, and adjust as you gain more experience. Best of luck in your trading endeavors!

Investment & Returns

Lite Tier Investment and ROI Breakdown

For those beginning their journey with Flash Sniper Bot, the Lite Tier offers an accessible entry point:


🔹 Initial Investment: To get started with our Lite Tier, an investment of a minimum of $330 is required.


🔹 Potential ROI: Once on board, you can anticipate a monthly ROI ranging between 300% to 600%. This means, depending on market conditions and optimal bot operation, your initial investment will multiply from x3 to x6 in a month's span.

Disclaimer: The bot's AI is specifically optimized for the sniping feature in the Lite Tier to operate with the mentioned investment amount. Lower amounts might not yield the same profits. After observing your first month's returns and if satisfied, you can reinvest your profits into more wallets and repeat the process for increased gains.

Flash Bot

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